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Circom Uvigo Chair

What we do

The aim of the CIRCOM Regional-UVigo chair is to carry out case study research on the innovation and digitisation processes within the European regional television broadcasters that belong to the CIRCOM network. It also addresses other areas of research, such as disinformation at regional level, language and culture preservation, and the emotional connection between media and its audience. Additionally, the Chair undertakes several initiatives, among them the participation in CIRCOM thematic training workshops and the creation of Circom-UVigo Hub –a meeting point and knowledge exchange platform between professionals and academics.

How was it created?

The Chair is the result of an agreement between the University of Vigo and CIRCOM Regional –the European Association of Regional Television– with the aim of fostering collaboration between educational institutions and relevant entities in the audiovisual sector while promoting research and training.

What is it for?

The CIRCOM-UVigo Chair was created with the aim of encouraging research and training amid the digital transformation process the European regional public television is currently facing. It also seeks to contribute to strengthening the audiovisual sector, generating academic results that can be applied to the industry and facilitating university-company collaboration for the benefit of society.

Mission and vision

Our Goals

Goal 1

Collaboration focused on specific objectives and activities that include: encouraging the exchange of information and knowledge in the field of action of the participating entities.

Goal 2

Enhance the value of the public service offered by the three signatory institutions, promoting the defense of the language, culture and identity of the territories they represent.

Goal 3

Analyze the innovation and digitalization processes in the European regional public radio and television networks of the CIRCOM Regional network, addressing the current needs of the audiovisual sector and its integration into social networks and digital platforms, both at the community and regional level.

Goal 4

Preparation of reports on innovation and technological adaptation to the digital environment by the members of the CIRCOM Regional network, including the study of new audiences, content and professional profiles, is also part of this collaboration.

Goal 5

Promote the carrying out of actions, events and joint academic meetings that are aligned with the objectives and purposes of the agreement, providing the necessary material, technical and human resources.


Dr. José Rúas-Araújo

Academic Director

Dr. Zoran Medved

Proyect Manager

Marius Dragomir


Victoria Moreno Gil


Uxía Seijas Vidal

Research scholarship recipient