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Brief info

Andrés Mazaira Castro holds a degree in Economics and Business Studies from I.C.A.D.E., a Ph.D. in Business Management and Administration from the University of Vigo and an Expert master in Management of Service Companies from ESADE. He is a Lecturer at the Department of Business Organisation and Marketing of the University of Vigo and maintains strong ties with the business sector. His profile and professional experience of over 30 years, is defined by the combination of teaching and knowledge transfer to society with his involvement with the business economic fabric and, therefore, of public responsibilities with the promotion of private business sector projects. Among his main lines of research are the analysis of the opportunities arising from the digital transformation regarding new business models in the field of television. He has collaborated in both transfer projects in this area –such as those related to the second screen with TVG or Televisa– and the academic field with several publications –among them the book "Televisión Abierta. Situación actual y tendencias de futuro de la TDT", in which he had collaborated.