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Brief info

Marius Dragomir is the director of the Media and Journalism Research Center. He works as a professor at Central European University (CEU) in Vienna where he teaches journalism and research design courses as well as practical classes on advocacy and policy engagement. He is also a researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He was the director of the Center for Media, Data, and Society in Budapest and managed the global research and policy portfolio of the Program on Independent Journalism in London. He has extensive experience in media research. Over the last 30 years, he has specialized in areas, such as media and communication regulation, digital media, public service media governance, broadcasting, journalism business models, and ownership regulation. He is currently leading a dozen research projects, among them Media Influence Matrix –a global research project looking into power relations and undue influence in news media that now covers almost 60 countries–, Media and Journalism Funding Project –a database of all prominent media companies in the world that focuses on their ownership and sources of funding–, and State Media Monitor –a project monitoring key developments in state media in over 155 countries. Throughout his career, which dates back to 1991, he has worked for several news media outlets, including newspapers and radio and television stations.