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The CIRCOM Regional Chair of the University of Vigo has launched its new website, marking a significant milestone in communication and collaboration in the field of regional broadcasting and digital transformation in Europe.

This new digital platform represents a step forward in the chair’s mission to promote research and training in adapting to the digital transformation of European regional public television. The website offers a space for meeting and exchanging knowledge among professionals, academics, and students, thus promoting collaboration and information exchange in the audiovisual sector.

The CIRCOM-UVigo Chair, established through an agreement between the University of Vigo and CIRCOM Regional, seeks through its new website to promote the defense of the language, culture, and identity of the territories represented by the participating entities. Additionally, the platform focuses on analyzing innovation and digitalization processes in European regional public broadcasters, addressing the current needs of the sector and its integration into social networks and digital platforms.

Among the featured characteristics of the new website are reports on innovation and technological adaptation, studies of new audiences, content, and professional profiles, as well as the promotion of academic events and meetings aligned with the objectives of the chair.

The launch of this new website of the CIRCOM-UVigo Chair reinforces the commitment of the University of Vigo and CIRCOM Regional to the advancement of the audiovisual sector and communication training, offering a valuable resource for the media community in Europe and beyond. With its focus on collaboration, innovation, and adaptation to new technologies, the new website of the CIRCOM-UVigo Chair positions itself as a key tool to face the challenges and seize the opportunities in the current media landscape.